T he satisfaction of the client can be reached only setting the maximum attention in our job, in the choices of the materials of our kitchens and in the respect of the territory that surrounds us. The objective of our progress is the research of the excellence, it's the desire to improve ourselves every day, it's the care put in every single detail.

2D / 3D Design

TORCHETTI - Progettazione grafica 2D e 3D

Our software allows you to:

  • create compositions in 3D and 2D;
  • use the Torchetti database;
  • use the electronic Torchetti price list;
  • use the electronic Torchetti price list for electrical house hold appliances;
  • design any environment;
  • make an estimate of the composition automatically;
  • produce a real view of the composition;
  • produce technical prints;
  • produce prints for the client;

You can ask questions and clarifications regarding the installation and use of the graphic program to: torchetti.cont@torchetti.it, available only for TORCHETTI retailers.

Quality and Environment

Consortium Ecological Panel

T he present certificate certifies that the enterprise Torchetti Cucine is settled to the "Consortium Ecological Panel" that attests to the consumer the characteristics of the product "Ecological Panel" realized in wood post consumption through a productive trial of certified quality that respects the environment. The Ecological Panel is a panel in recycled wood used in the production of furniture. And the only one in the world exclusively realized with wood re-used, through a productive trial that respects the nature because it doesn't behave the demolition of trees.

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Certification UNI EN ISO 9001

I t's the corporate that examines on signaling and it analyzes the phases of manufacture and development of the product. This institute is preceded to guarantee the maximum levels of correspondence of the procedures to the norms UNI EN ISO.
UNI EN ISO certification is assigned only to those companies that operate in absolute conformity to the norms related to all the business parameters.

To "TORCHETTI CUCINE" has been recognized the certification UNI EN ISO 9001, specification of the application field: PRODUCTION OF SECTIONAL KITCHENS. Such recognition attests that the company operates in rigorous conformity to the prescribed norms and reported to all of the inside activities belonging standard procedures with absolute guarantee that every business parameter is constantly checked and that the end-product and the service are qualitatively superior to the expectations.